PyRAT (Python based Relational Animal Tracking) is a web based lab animal colony management software which enables comprehensive and transparent handling of animal facility data. As it is web based, this data is easily and securely accessible from anywhere with internet or intranet capabilities, offering users convenient and time saving off-site access. PyRAT’s many features aim at reducing and simplifying the overall administrative workload of the facility manager.
PyRAT's Main Features
  • History Tracking
  • PyRAT tracks an animal from birth and maintains a detailed record of all of its related events. From breeding and birth to sacrificing of the animal, all steps in an animal's life are documented. A user and time stamp is automatically associated with each event, avoiding confusion regarding who did what to which animal. This in turn aids in maintaining potential documentation requirements within the facility.
  • Cage Card Printing
  • Different layouts, with optional bar coding are available for stock, breeding and experiment cages.
  • Breeding Management
  • This feature tracks all breeding events as well as the related pups (a separate pup list is offered in addition to the animal lists). Special cage layout is supported for large breeding cages.
  • Genotyping
  • PyRAT enables line/strain management and supports animal genotyping.
  • Pedigrees
  • Pedigree information is shown graphically for easy reference.
  • Reporting
  • PyRAT offers extensive reports and alerts, including weaning reports, breeding information, and cage/animal use.
  • Authorization Tracking
  • This feature helps users maintain governmental compliance.
  • Animal Ordering
  • Animal orders (with or without budget constraints) can be automatically sent to suppliers and imported into PyRAT upon delivery and approval.
  • Special Services
  • Special services can be ordered and billed in PyRAT.
  • Budgeting and Invoices
  • Quickly retrieve budgeting information for animal housing (based on cage categories, species, location), procedures, orders, and services. For each user, automatically generate invoices with individual layout containing selected relevant costs.
  • Document Uploads
  • Upload all file types and attach them to animals, lines, authorizations, orders, locations, or users.
  • Location Management
  • PyRAT enables the definition of a location tree (building, area, room, and rack), allowing the organization of cages in the system to match that in the facility.
  • User Management
  • PyRAT maintains an internal user database that allows the administrator to create new users and control their access levels to the software. Users can be granted permission to simply view the data, administer certain groups or projects, modify animal information (animal caretakers), or administer the entire colony database.
  • Work Request Management
  • The work request management feature allows efficient communication between scientists, staff and administration (without e-mails or phone calls). Tasks can be grouped into work classes and assigned to a staff member based on class. This feature also documents time, date and initiator of a request to avoid potential misunderstandings.
  • Configurable Views
  • Users can individually select the data which is displayed in PyRAT's list views (animal list, cage list, reports, ...).
PyRAT's Technical Requirements
  • PyRAT will run on any Linux or Unix based server that can support the Python scripting language and the MySQL database software. We recommend an Intel or AMD based Ubuntu server with a speed greater than 2GHz and with at least 512 MB of RAM. Larger sites (>10000 live animals) may require a more powerful server. On the client side, PyRAT can be accessed by any operating system with one of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE9, and IE10.
Main Benefits Of Using PyRAT
  • PyRAT provides simplification and automation of work processes, thereby increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving reliability of data. All relevant data is stored in a central database and is accessed via an internet or intranet connection, real-time information anytime, anywhere. Process efficiency is greatly improved through automation of standard procedures and administration. Automatic notification of events results in better responsiveness to potentially critical issues.
  • Scionics offers several purchase options based on the needs of a facility. We offer full license purchases as well as hosted solutions for those facilities supporting a limited number of animals. Additionally, we offer service and support packages which include biannual software updates. Please contact our product management team to discuss which option best suits your organization and to request detailed pricing information.
Demo Version
  • Scionics offers access to a demo/test version of PyRAT where potential users can experience the software firsthand. Please contact us for log-in information as well as general information by email at products[at] or by phone at +49 351 202 707 00.